• Procedure For Buying a DHA Affidavit File

    Every Year a lot of trading is done in files in DHA and other societies. In DHA Almost 30% of whole transactions are done in files. And 90% of files transactions are done for non-balloted plots. A Genuine buyer can face a lot of Difficulties while investing in files. By reading this article you will be aware of the process to some extent and you can be aware of the scams and frauds also because you know the real procedure. Keep in mind that the purchasing of allocation file is slightly different from the purchase of affidavit file. Here we discuss the purchase of affidavit file.

    First of all, you have to select a registered dealer in DHA who may give you the reliable and trustworthy deal. Because a registered real estate agent stay away from scams so that they do not affect its market repute. You can select a real estate agent like ESTATE LEGENDS.

    Secondly, you have to check the prices of your plot file from different websites. But these websites are not totally reliable as they do not care that they are listing high or low prices or outdated prices of the market.

    Thirdly you have to confirm your purchase consult with your dealer and ask for a quote to buy the file. If the quote falls in your market research then you may agree to buy the file. Give him the token of cheque or cash of PKR 1,00,000 with the transfer fee, 2x Passport size photographs and a copy of your CNIC. And don’t forget to get a receipt of your transaction in office.

    Fourthly the seller will submit the DHA file along with the transfer fee. It takes 3 to 7 working days after the issuance of the voucher. The whole process may take up to 4 to 7 working days to complete. In some cases, it may take more but you can feel safe after the file is being processed by DHA.

    Fifthly you have to make the final payment and receive intimation. DHA issues the intimation letter to the seller and the seller send the copy of a letter to the real estate agent and you have to receive that copy from him. Then you may verify the copy by calling DHA or by visiting office personally. Now after verification, you can make the final payment to the seller. And also receive the copy of the affidavit from the seller if possible.

    Lastly, when you receive the intimation letter from DHA you can receive the allocation letter within 15 working days. And you must deposit the membership fee or miscellaneous charges. Then you have to collect your allocation letter from DHA and done.

    We strongly recommend you to buy affidavit file from the reliable source because they safeguard your interest and will make a fair deal.

    If You want to buy a file you can feel free to contact us to get the best deal in Town by just dialing

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  • Factors of Good Location Plots

    If You Want to invest your money somewhere then the field of Real Estate has a variety of Options which also give you reasonable gains in times to come. Depending on where you invest. Real Estate demands a very wise decision to invest in a good option. If you invest in a good plot then it gives you high returns in times to come. Despite that, if you invest in a bad option you will not get any benefit from this investment. It will tease you while you want to sell this Plot, it also requires a long time to sell this plot and might possible that it will not give you reasonable gains. While the Good Plot is a Liquid Cash here you want to sell the Plot and there it is sold. And not only fast sale they will give you great offers one bigger than another. If you are having a high bargain easily than think about that it might be a bad Location Plot and such kind of plot again offers high bargain at the time of Selling.

    Three main Things to consider while purchasing a plot are Location, Location, and Location.

    The Most Major Factor regarding the Good Plot is its Location. You have to consider that the plot you are going to buy is on What Location. Make Sure the Plot has an easy approach. Imagine that you decide to build a home on that plot and your guests want to come there then how will you guide them? A Good Location plot is just 2 to 3 turns away from the main Road.

    Not Only to Consider Good and easily accessible location but also to consider that the location is not good enough that it attracts too much traffic. So it is advised to have a plot where your future house is to be built is near to the main road but not on an actual main road. The Plot is not usually crowded but also has a peaceful environment.

    The Plot should be slightly near to the Commercial area and is near to the social activities. The plot you are going to buy should be in well-secured society. Make sure the society should also be on the prime location of the city So that it becomes easily accessible.

    Considering the facts all the points are directly or indirectly related to the Location. So you have to choose a Good Location Plot. For this Purpose, our experienced agents can help you regarding the Plots of any type or any location. You Just Need To Dial

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  • Why To Invest In GoldCrest Mall DHA

    Here we discuss reasons to invest in Gold Crest Mall DHA. GoldCrest Mall is located in Defence Housing Authority which is the largest real estate brand, especially in Lahore. DHA has given us many projects in Pakistan for almost 40 years, so this brand has developed its reputation and people love to invest here. Zameen.com is marketing this project and Estate Legends are selling this project.

    When you invest your hard earned money in some project you are at risk that it might be a risky project but in case of Goldcrest mall you are tension free with DHA you will not get even a single penny loss but there are quite higher chances to increase your investment in few months after getting an apartment.

    As it is a Large Scale project in the area of 27 Kanal so, you can expect a wide range of facilities and community living standards here. Whereas in smaller projects you cannot expect extraordinary facilities in them. The only project you can compare it with Mall Of Lahore which is again a marvelous project.

    Its Location is better than the Mall of Lahore It connects various locations like commercial area of phase 3 and phase 4, airport is 8 km away from this mall and it is located on main Ghazi road which is also known as new airport road, the commercial areas of phase 5 and phase 6 are also near to this mall. So, according to its location, it only costs you 5 Crore for a 3-bed apartment.

    The layout of the entire building is awesome which the apartments of Gulberg cannot provide you.

    In few years the apartments demand rise is increased rapidly in Lahore. So investing in the apartment is a good option as there is no concern of security and hassle-free place. There is also an option to buy that apartment and to rent out it to foreign visitors.

    So you can buy these apartments for best returns just by calling

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  • Bahria Orchard Market Trends

    The present action in Bahria Orchard has been expected by many days. All things considered, one of the principal projects concentrated on the financial specialist in Lahore achieved its potential after a time of more than two years. Here’s all that you have to think about what is occurring in Bahria Orchard, particularly with respect to Phase IV.

    With an increment wanted after among investors, property costs in all Bahria Orchard phases advance out since July 2016. Actually, on the off chance that you take a gander the value depreciation saw between July 2016 and January 2018 you’ll additionally feel thankful to trust that contributing here is the activity. Between these months, the normal rates in the Society fell 19.13% and the fall in costs was high for plots that had a high value with respect to their area.

    The finish of Bahria Orchard has turned out to be significantly less demanding now that purchasers are contributing here, with bringing down rates of PKR 1 million to $ 1.5 million at peak rates. We additionally noticed that financial specialists are more disposed to buy plots in Phase IV as they are offered on installments, where the total cost of the plot is much lower than the market rate plots created in different stages.

    Bahria Orchard Phase IV – Development Status

    Here, the advancement work has been finished 100% in G-1 block, G-2, and G-3, while work is in advance in the rest of the blocks; Blocks G-4, G-5, and G-6. These pieces, G-1 and G-2 squares are found either side of the central boulevard of the society on Raiwind Road, and they contain just 1 Kanal private plots. The rest of the area incorporates 10 marla plots as it were.

    In G-4 obstruct, the improvement work has been finished by 10% and the work is in advance on the rest of the parts. Improvement work in the G-5 block is performed at 60%, where street work is progressing right now. While in the G-6 block, advancement work started just as of late. We are in hope that the advancement work here will be finished in the following a half year.

    Ownership would be given once the installment plan would be finished inside the following 15 months. It must, however, be noted here that the ownership in Bahria Orchard Phase III has not yet been conveyed. However, the best piece of the interest in Bahria Orchard Phase IV is that you pick a bit of the guide liable upon which advancement work is finished.

    A look at costs and the premium

    With a sum of nine quarterly portions, Bahria Orchard proprietors Phase IV have so far paid four portions. Here is the installment arrange for that the designer has issued for this stage:

    Plots Processing Fee quarterly installment Deposit x 9 and the Total cost is as under

    10-marla (residential) PKR 11 000 is the processing fee, PKR 1,250,000 PKR is Down Payment, 427 000 PKR x9 is Quarterly installment and 5,110,000 PKR is Total Price.

    1-Kanal (Residential) PKR 21 000 is the processing fee, PKR 1,650,000 is Down Payment, PKR 716 600 PKR x9 is Quarterly installment and 8,121,000 PKR is Total Price.

    5-marla (Commercial) 30 000 PKR is the processing fee, 3,000,000 PKR is Down Payment, 1,500,000 PKR PKR x9 is Quarterly installment and 15,030,000 PKR is Total Price.

    8-marla (Commercial) 50 000 PKR is the processing fee, 4,500,000 PKR is Down Payment, 2,250,000 PKR PKR x9 is Quarterly installment and 22,550,000 PKR is Total Price.

    On the off chance that you are hoping to make a purchase now, you will purchase everything that the proprietor has officially paid an additional premium on the plot, which varies from Location to Location.

    The premium is at present the most noteworthy for private plots 1 Kanal in G-Block 1, which as indicated by the area territory may shift from 500 000 PKR. In the G-2 obstruct, the premium is in the area of 400,000 and 1,100,000 PKR.

    In G-Block 3, which incorporates just plots of 10 Marla, the premium can achieve 200 000 PKR and achieve 400 000 PKR. For the rest of the hinders, a few plots are even exchanged, implying that if the proprietor wishes, you can purchase a plot whose cost is under 600 000 PKR over the sum that effectively paid.

    Project Consulting

    Due to its area next G-1 and G-2 hinders, the most costly blocks of this Phase, the G-3 alliance draws in more financial specialists. Here, the premium on plots of 10 Marla is likewise sensible to 200 000 PKR to 400 000 PKR, which can possibly increment because of the current request.

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  • FBR Valuation Tables and Their Impact

    The land market of Pakistan was fluctuating by the valuation tables displayed by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in July 2016 to gather Advance Tax (generally called Withholding Tax) and Capital Gains Tax on trades finished for persistent properties. Reports were gotten from all around the country about how the property trade volume experienced a sudden drop when the adjustments were available in the assessment.

    The condition upgraded with the movement of time, where dropped rates empowered real buyers to acknowledge the open entryway and look for after their destinations of buying property. Generally, two sorts of buyers were seen active in the market right in the last one and a half year; genuine buyers and those with whole deal theory plans.
    Will the adjustment in the FBR told valuation tables change that?

    Earlier in January 2018, FBR changed the property valuation tables for a couple of regions in six significant urban groups – Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Faisalabad. While the new rates were as low as 57%, the refresh was done only for areas and social requests where irregularities were found and reported in the referred to rates, by and large generally called fair estimation of property.

    As showed by the new sources, rates were updated for Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Town, Shalimar Town and Nishtar Town out of 1,234 regions

    The impact on Lahore:

    From Lahore, we haven’t gotten similar feedback essentially in light of the fact that the rates agreed to the areas that are developed ones where advancement in rates isn’t ordinary. Also, land authorities and specialists are scanning for moreover plain components on exactly which social requests and regions will truly benefit by cut down rates in the Nishtar Town zone. Additionally, the FBR hasn’t touched the valuation tables for financial authorities’ most valued social requests arranged in the southern parts of Lahore.

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  • House for Sale in DHA Phase 5

    Here we came back with our new blog on DHA Phase 5. In this Blog we discuss About the Prices and Location of Phase 5. So first start it with the Location of Phase 5.
    It is Located near State Life Housing Society Phase 1, Formanites Housing Scheme, Leel, Kirian Wala, Natha Singh Wala, Askari 11, Lidher, DHA Phase 6, Chacho Wali, Ismail Pura, Gohawa, Manan wala, Lahore University of Management Sciences, DHA Phase 2, DHA Phase 4, Bandian Wala and Bankers Town etc.
    DHA Phase 5 is now Fully Populated area as well as having fully Populated Surroundings. The Most of Home in this Phase are fully populated and have accommodated many Families. There You can Find Defence College For Girls, Lahore Grammar School, DHA Sports Complex, Shapes DHA, Wateen Chowk, Nirvana Saloo. In Civic Commercial Area of Phase 5 You Can Find Jalal Sons, KFC, Gloria Jeans, Second Cup, Café Royale London, Tawa Tandoor, Galleria Designs, and Many Banks etc.
    If you want to buy any sort of House There then let me tell you the Prices of Houses in This Phase 5. You Can Buy
    1 Kanal House here in budget of 3.5 Crore to 7 Crore PKR. If you increase your budget then you can find 2 Kanal House for 6 Crore to 14 Crore PKR. And If you are interested in Small Houses than You can find 5 Marla House by losing your pocket by 1.4 Crore to 2 Crore PKR. And If You are Interested in 10 Marla Houses then these houses need an amount 2.7 Crore to 4 Crore PKR.
    If You are interested to buy house in this Phase or any other Phase You can Freely Contact us at

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  • House For Sale in DHA Phase 4

    DHA Phase 4 is Located Near Lahore Ring Road, Bandian Wala, Kirian Wala, Bankers town, State Life Society, Punjab Cooperative Society, HBFC Society, Leel, Kamahan, Formanities Housing Scheme and Most importantly DHA Phase1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 5 these all Phases have Boundaries Touching DHA Phase 4. This Phase of DHA Has a Speciality of Civic Commercial Area and a Mall Naming Gold Crest Mall. But The Prices of This Phase are still under the Budget of a normal man. So this is The Phase Where many families prefer to live because of its price and facilities. Its Location is easily accessible and has well-populated environment there.
    If We Talk about the Prices of DHA Phase 4 then You can get 5 Marla House in the budget of 1.2 Crore to 1.5 Crore PKR. 10 Marla House has a worth of 2 Crore to 2.6 Crore PKR. 1 Kanal Houses can be found by spending 3 Crore to 5 Crore PKR. Whereas 2 Kanal Houses are Not Available in This Phase. But you can find these Houses also by Contacting Us.
    You can find Johny and Jugnu, Gourmet Grill, Mr. Naan, Manhattan Bites or SUBWAY etc.
    You can also get Plots, Commercial areas there, as well as Apartments, are soon available there whose bookings are now started. You can get Homes there in a well-populated environment at reasonable prices. So You can Contact us to get any sort of plot whether in Phase 4 or other areas of DHA Just By Calling

  • Gwadar Shipping Project to UAE by COSCO

    From Gwadar to UAE the shipping service has been started. 2 Ships carrying Fruits, Vegetables, Seafood and some other Chinese Products will ship all these items to Jabl e Ali. By this Remarkable Step, Gwadar will Link to the World Market. According to our sources, China Ocean Shipping Company – COSCO has started trade with central East From 2 March. Tomorrow 2 Ships with 2500TEU will go to UAE. Here TEU stands for Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit which is 20 Feet wide and 8 Feet Long.

    According To COSCO Minimum Route is Also a Quality of Gwadar as from Karachi it will take 4 days to go to Gwadar but from Gwadar, It will only take 2 Days to reach. We came to know that the ship contains most of the Chinese products and some of Pakistani fruits and vegetables. With only 2 ships the trade has been started in the history of Gwadar. COSCO is already doing trade from 11 routes to east. And Now Gwadar is added to International Trading Routes.

    With these steps, Gwadar’s demand will increase. By this the land rates will increase and keep on increasing and not only by this there are certain projects in Gwadar which are started or in starting stage. So If You Are Interested to invest in Gwadar in any sort of Property you can call us at this number.


  • House For Sale in DHA Phase 4

    DHA Phase 4 is Located Near Lahore Ring Road, Bandian Wala, Kirian Wala, Bankers town, State Life Society, Punjab Cooperative Society, HBFC Society, Leel, Kamahan, Formanities Housing Scheme and Most importantly DHA Phase1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 5 these all Phases have Boundaries Touching DHA Phase 4. This Phase of DHA Has a Speciality of Civic Commercial Area and a Mall Naming Gold Crest Mall. But The Prices of This Phase are still under the Budget of a normal man. So this is The Phase Where many families prefer to live because of its price and facilities. Its Location is easily accessible and has well-populated environment there.
    If We Talk about the Prices of DHA Phase 4 then You can get 5 Marla House in the budget of 1.2 Crore to 1.5 Crore PKR. 10 Marla House has a worth of 2 Crore to 2.6 Crore PKR. 1 Kanal Houses can be found by spending 3 Crore to 5 Crore PKR. Whereas 2 Kanal Houses are Not Available in This Phase. But you can find these Houses also by Contacting Us.
    You can find Johny and Jugnu, Gourmet Grill, Mr. Naan, Manhattan Bites or SUBWAY etc.
    You can also get Plots, Commercial areas there, as well as Apartments, are soon available there whose bookings are now started. You can get Homes there in a well-populated environment at reasonable prices. So You can Contact us to get any sort of plot whether in Phase 4 or other areas of DHA Just By Calling


  • Gwadar Commercial

    That Port Whose Construction Was started in 2002 and was completed in 2006 or 2007.It is starting its commercial operation from now. Commercial operation means to give your port to any specific cargo for its commercial activities.

    Now after 11 years, from Gwadar to Jabl e Ali Port, Dubai our government has started feeder shipping service which will be used once a week. This Project is starting from March. Most probably from 7th of March. The ship will receive containers from their and will import them into Gwadar. After that the number of ships will also increase.

    Because of Makran Coastal Highway Chinese can also direct import their containers from Dubai via Gwadar, especially western China.

    Traders of Pakistan especially of Punjab and KPK can now import goods easily from Dubai.

    By This the Commercial activities will become stronger. As a result real estate business will also increase. You can now invest in Gwadar at the right time to receive high returns in future. You can contact us at


  • House For Sale in DHA Phase 3

    The Most Luxurious Phase in DHA Is Phase 3. It has accommodated a number of Politicians, Celebrities, and Public Figures. You can find one more than one beautiful and mesmerizing house there because it has accommodated many of the most well-settled families. You can find the very popular market of DHA that is Y & Z Block Market. You can Find Every Sort of Brands here especially clothing brands. It has another well-known commercial market called XX Commercial. So, here becomes a life full of pleasure to have a house in DHA Phase 3. Because you can Access this Phase Right from Walton Road or Ghazi Road and it has all the facilities you can expect from DHA including a Public Library.
    If We Talk about the rates of DHA Phase 3 then 2 Kanal House is available at the rate of 6 Crore to 15 Crore PKR. 1 Kanal Houses are available at an estimate of 2.5 Crore to 5 Crore PKR. 10 Marla Houses can be bought in the budget of 1.8 Crore to 2.6 Crore PKR. Whereas 5 Marla Houses have a worth of 1.15 Crore to 1.5 Crore. Depending upon location and condition of a house.
    DHA Phase 3 Also has Gold Crest Mall Facing Homes Which will increase their Cost in times to come. Z Block of DHA Phase 3 has a boundary connecting Charrar Village. By this, it becomes easy to find servants near to home or you can find low costing tailors here and can buy other items having low cost. For the consultancy regarding Houses of Phase 3 or any other Phase, You can contact us at


  • Market Trends in DHA Lahore For January 2018

    DHA Lahore Market Conditions will be discussed for January 2018 and will base on Price fluctuations in the latest month. This article will base on the upward example and the sliding examples to give an idea of the position of each stage giving all things considered the Demand of the market.


    Phase 5:

    Phase 5 The files were balloted and costs remained low for plots that were balloted. Land costs have remained stable beside the M Extension which experienced a rise in costs. The general trade volume remains normal. Commercial plots have seen a rise in the cost of CCA.


    Phase 6:

    The Market of Phase 6 has seen a slight addition. The trade was large. Business plots have experienced significant cost increases. Phase 6 especially MB plots were the point of convergence of thought for the most part of buyers.

    CCA 2 was moreover trading point with a cost increase as a result of extended demand.

    Phase 6 E-Extension has seen a slight addition in costs as a result of its extended demand.


    Phase 7:

    Phase 7 was a slight recovery, yet just in particularly S, T, and U Blocks. Other blocks remain cold and just plots with very low prices were traded in the market. The Commercials remain stopped with no buyers at all or very few in January. 5 Marla and 10 Marla have no or little trading last month. The market is still to some negative extent in Phase 7.


    Phase 8:

    Phase 8 is on the rising. January we saw a 10-15 lac price increase in the Block W, Block T also had traded as U and V have no trading. X Block saw not a lot of buyers because of no possession. The Y Block still pulls in people with low budget. S Block saw next to nothing the volume of trade.

    Commercial Plots has some activities especially on Broadway and CCA 1. Whereas CCA 2 has not seen any trade because of the price difference between CCA 1 and CCA 2.

    Ex-Park View saw a little trade in residential plots especially 1 and 2 Kanal. 4 Marla files are still being trading in Shivpur and Malikpur mauza.

    Ex-Air Avenue has seen a zero volume of sale in January for residential as well as commercial plots.

    Ivy Green saw a little trading, yet in a smaller class 5 marla plots. The commercials are silent at this time. The developments are started yet costs remain stable. Commercial Plots costs are now falling in Phase 8 square Z Ivy Green.

    The general market trend in this phase is upward.


    Phase 9:

    Phase 9 is always in the market to the extent of trade. The low-income people continue to invest into Prism with the prediction of higher rates later on. Trade has been very large on a comparable start however costs remain stable. Only 5 Marla costs experienced a slight rise. Commercial plots are on low rates.


    Phase 9 Town:

    The Town of Phase 9 has got higher rates in December. Trade is so far strong since people need to manufacture low-cost homes in DHA and it’s the slightest costly thing with a sensible region over the DHA. Commercial plots are still down with by zero likelihood of progress. We assume that the business expenses could proceed after the start of Development of the Block E. The Price Trend is higher in Residential while lower in Commercial


    Phase 10:

    Phase 10 saw a cost rising of files. This upward example could continue until the point when the moment that the files are flooding the market. Phase 10 will continue fluctuating for a long time. This is an option of buying and undermining in the term. Buy short-term investment in plots and sell them in higher offers then you may make 3-4 Lacs after certain trading. For the purpose of Buying or selling any sort of plot or home in any Phase, You can freely contact us at


  • House For Sale In DHA Phase 2

    DHA Phase 2 is a good Location Phase of DHA Where you can enjoy benefits of DHA as well as the links with many other Societies like Al- Amin Housing Society, Shah Khawar Town, Cantt view Housing Scheme, Alfallah Town, Kohar, KB Society and Ali View Garden etc.
    DHA Phase 2 is also blessed with Haly Tower which will soon become an icon of DHA Phase 2. It has well known commercial Markets including T Block. You can rarely find rush here as it does not have extra traffic unlike Ghazi Road except residents. It has a very famous chowk named Lalak Jan Chowk which gives you ease of living near the famous point. Moreover, Lalak Jan Chowk is going to be signal free under DHA Signal Free Corridor Project.
    If we talk about Prices of Houses of DHA Phase 2 then you can find 2 Kanal Houses here in the bracket of 6 Crore to 10 Crore PKR, 1 Kanal Houses are available at the rate of 2.75 Crore to 4.5 Crore PKR, if you are thinking to buy 10 Marla House then you must have a budget of 1.75 Crore to 2.35 Crore PKR and if you are thinking about 5 Marla Houses then you can not live here because DHA Phase 2 does not have 5 Marla Houses. But Don’t worry you can find all size of homes in other parts of DHA and other well-known societies from our Estate. For this purpose, you just need to dial

    0300 8439496.

  • House For Sale In DHA Phase 1

    DHA Phase 1 Is Located Near To Walton Road, Cavalry Ground, Askari 8, Nishat Colony, KB Colony, Ali View Gardens, Rehman Gardens and Madina Colony. Because of its access to these societies and other areas of Lahore, It is very Popular Phase among the buyers. It Has A Speciality of F, G, and H Block Markets, Especially H Block is considered as Food Street of DHA. Lahore’s No 1 and Luxurious Hospital that is National Hospital is Also Located in N Block of DHA Phase 1.
    DHA Phase 1 is also being blessed with a Signal Free Corridor. Which will play a vital role in prices of all the homes, moreover after that project you can have access to your home in few minutes. DHA Phase 1 has also easy access to Y Block and T Block Markets, means that it is located near DHA Phase 2 and Phase 3.
    If We Talk about current Prices of This Phase then 2 Kanal House will cost you around 6 Crore to 10 Crore PKR. 1 Kanal House has an Estimate of 2.75 Crore to 4.5 Crore PKR. 10 Marla Houses are Costing Around 1.75 Crore to 2.35 Crore PKR. Whereas 5 Marla Houses are Not Available in This Phase.
    If you want to consult either want to get latest rates or want to buy a house then feel free to call


  • House For Sale in DHA

    DHA Lahore is the Biggest Society You can found in Lahore. It consists of 12 Different Phases of which 6 Phases are fully populated having State of the art lifestyle for its residents. DHA Lahore is also known for its commercial activities specially Y&Z Block Markets for clothing brands, H Block Markets for foody ones, and Phase6 MB for random activities. All of its Phases have its own uniqueness. First, we Talk about Phase 1 which is the very first Phase of DHA Here You can Find all sort of houses especially main roadhouses have a very easy approach and after some time, these houses have Approach through DHA Signal Free Corridor. Phase 2 is known because of its Nearness from LUMS University, Haly Tower, and Lalak Jan Chowk. Here if you buy a house then there is no need to tell your guests about the location of your house because almost everyone knows about Location of LUMS.

    Phase 3 of DHA Has comparatively high prices and it has accommodated most of the Politicians and celebrities. All the commercial activities including Packages mall and exit to DHA Is near to this Phase.

    DHA Phase 4 and 5 are having a peaceful environment you can rarely find rush there and is best for living near commercial activities like DD Commercial, CCA, Gold Crest, Penta Square Mall and other Societies like State Life.

    DHA Phase 6 is also best to live now it has comparatively low prices than previously discussed phases because it is not much populated but this phase is an emerging phase and is populating day by day.

    For Prices of Plots or homes including grey structure, Brand new, used or furnished home. You can consult us we have all that options. You can call us at